Your Engraver - Yves Halliburton


At an early age Yves was attached to his grandfather by the hip, a master machinist, and learned how to work with metal and machines.  As far as he can remember, at about 8 years of age he was using grinders, band saws and a Sheldon 40”+ gap bed lathe.   It is here Yves learned his love of tools and machines.

By 15 he had mastered most typical machinery and by 17 he had acquired the taste of woodworking because of its medium. Wood gave Yves the ability to make work with a material that was useful, mainly furniture.  He has been working with wood and building furniture for over 30 years.

In 2002 he was reintroduced to the art of metalworking in the form of engraving.  So he purchased the hammer and several chisels from Brownells gunsmith supplies and started tooling around in his spare time.  Yves was searching for web sites containing engraving tools, bits etc. and came upon GRS Tools web site.  He saw they offered classes and took the risk and signed up for the beginning class with instructor Sam Alfano.

The class opened a whole new world.  After the week long class he purchased all the equipment needed to start engraving.  He purchased books and learned everthing he could from other engravers for several months.  He was very comfortable with his cutting ability as he had worked with hand tools all his life. A career Aerospace Engineer this new artform did not come easy, and as his instructor says in class, "we do precision engraving”. He has since been back for the ADVANCED engraving class with his mentor, instructor Sam Alfano.  Yves has been engraving ever since and one of his latest works can be seen on the cover in the July/August 2006 issue of SHOOT MAGAZINE.